The SUB ®
How does your cooking sound?

(The Sound Utility Block)

The SUB® (Short Version)

Please check out this video of the latest in cutlery technology.  "The SUB"  Form, Function, & "FUN!"

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About Us

Introducing The SUB! 2017 INPEX Gold Medalist

A novel, yet functional approach, to an age old standard.  Providing Form,Function and FUN, the SUB is more than, a chip off the OLD block!

The kitchen is "Open!"

Update your kitchen with the latest  in cutlery technology.  Be it streaming recipes, or enjoying coffee and the latest hit songs.  The SUB makes your kitchen hip again.

How does your cooking sound?

Whether you cook to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or sautee to Sinatra, make sure your recipe includes... THE SUB!

The SUB®- (Sound Utility Block)


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An uprade, to a decades old staple.  The SUB, is todays kitchen knife block!  Boasting newest technologies like

Bluetooth, WiFi and Voice Command, The SUB, is Novel, Functional, Entertaining and FUN! Definitely more than a chip off the old block!

(Functional prototype model only!  Must call website number before ordering!  Order void without  allowance from owner.)